Prepared Meals By Meal Delivery Services Can Create Work-Life Balance

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by John Bauer, Co-Founder – The Foodery

prepared meals with a meal delivery serviceIt’s a Wednesday afternoon and you’re busy at the office with a report that’s due this afternoon.  You were going to step out at noon to grab a bite to eat but this report is more involved than you planned.  It’s now 2 o’clock and you’re hungry.  Scratch that, you’re starving.   As hunger pangs worsen, you’re thinking to yourself, “this always happens but next week I’m going to get my shopping and cooking done.”  The plan was set to get to the grocery store then cook on Sunday but friends and family occupied your cooking time this weekend.  It’s easy to justify this interruption because our closest relationships are as important as our health.  So, unfortunately next week comes and goes as you find yourself managing more work deadlines and suffering from more hunger pangs.  And the cycle continues.

How can this eating problem be resolved?  If you’re like most, you feel the solution is either to buckle down and start getting serious about preparing your food or hire a personal chef.  But hiring a personal chef seems pricy and too personal – they come into your house, use your cookware and stay for hours while a complete trip to the grocery store with meal plans and recipes seems absolutely daunting.  And the same four nearby restaurants around your office are just not manageable anymore.

Enter the emerging healthy meal delivery market.  Food service professionals, chef types and food entrepreneurs know that the cost of meal preparation is not only burdensome to your time, but can be outright impossible for those who have no cooking abilities.  Meal delivery services are popping up left and right offering prepared meals for the busy, productive professional.  While the price of prepared meals delivered to your doorstep may seem pricey, this work-swamped population is paying the higher price for quality, prepared meals to show at the front door.  Some meal delivery services offer fresh prepared meals, others offer frozen options and fresh meal dieting services can offer daily delivery.   With all this convenience, busy professionals are seeing the return in more vibrant health, career productivity and true relaxation time during off hours.  Prepared meals by a meal delivery service can not only get you back to eating regularly and balancing your blood sugar but help balance your life.  And when considering the two priceless commodities, time and health, these services can be worth every dollar.