Behind The Scenes Of How The Foodery Works

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By John Bauer, Co-founder

The Foodery crafts meals in a certain way.  How we make our products are mirror images of the very reasons The Foodery exists.   The purpose of the Foodery is to impact the way food is raised and consumed in New England and beyond.  Because of that very mission, our products are inherently crafted in a certain way.  Here’s a behind the scenes play-by-play of how our product goes through the journey of farm to your table:

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    The Cook Team preps some organic kale

    Collect orders upfront.   When we ask our customers to first order their food from our menu and then we make it for them, food waste is virtually eliminated. In our opinion that “order-then-make” trend is eventually going to be global and necessary as 40% of the world’s food is wasted. We don’t like food waste. It makes for a healthier environment and healthier bottom line.

  2. Sourced by ingredient standards. The second half of our purpose is “the way food is consumed”.  We want to empower people to eat healthy. But what really is “healthy”?  A big part of “healthy” is knowing where your food comes from and knowing exactly what is in it and what is not in it. You can read about our ingredient standards online but we serve clean proteins, lots of vegetables, whole grains and homemade sauces.  What’s never in the food: GMO, artificial sweeteners, heavy salt, heavy sugar, MSG, food colorings and the list goes on.  You can read more about our ingredient standards on our website.
  3. We cook. Oh boy do we cook.  So here’s how it goes down:
    1. Thursday morning the orders are final. We know exactly how much we will cook and we send out a precise order to suppliers and vendors. There’s little room for error.  Last week we procured Carne Locale for grass-fed beef, Capone Foods for local homemade pasta, Baldor Specialty Foods for local produce an organic leafy greens and many other suppliers you can read about on our website.IMG_8699
    2. Friday we prep. Proteins are prepared, vegetables are chopped, spice blends are measured and dry goods or weighed out.
    3. Saturday we cook. We cook ALL day.  With our scalable recipe systems, culinary leadership and trained staff, we get it done.
    4. Sunday we “assemble”.  Our team comes in bright and early Sunday morning and takes all of the food that was just cool down and we assemble it all into the containers.  Everything is weighed, portioned and food-styled.  Once the chef blesses each “dish” with a “craft review complete” the team has the greenlight to finish the packaging and put instruction stickers on the meals so our customers know how to heat them up.
  4. Sunday night we deliver. Our delivery drivers show up at our kitchen at 4:30 sharp. All the customer meal bundles are packed into cooler bags and systematically placed into our drivers cars.

And there you have it: a week in the life at The Foodery. We want to give a shout out to all of our cooks and delivery drivers for making it happen each week.  And of course thank you to our beloved customers for the trust you have bestowed in us to nourish you and your family.