To our entire Foodery community,

We want to personally connect with you about the actions we’re taking to help you, our Chefs, and our Drivers, to ensure the health and safety of everyone while supporting our entire community. With dine-in down as much as 75% and food supply running scarce in grocery stores, we aim to work our hardest to continue bringing you fresh, healthy and safe food during this difficult time. Keeping our associates and our customers safe is our top priority, and we are employing several measures to support their continued well-being. These include and are not limited to:

  • We continually reinforce CDC Illness Prevention Guidelines to all employees and associates
  • We have directed all employees not to report to work if they have symptoms that are consistent with CDC guidance and to contact a medical professional
  • We are instructing all employees to comply with CDC guidelines if the employee is returning to the United States from countries identified by the CDC as having widespread sustained transmission
  • We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures and are providing additional sanitation products within our culinary production facility

Additionally, during this crisis and until further notice, we are offering safer delivery practices:

Touch-less delivery: please feel free to defer touching our delivery drivers phone for signature. Our drivers will confirm the accuracy of your order and hand-write your name into their phones for you.

No-Interaction Delivery: If you prefer not to interact with our delivery drivers please update your delivery notes in your account to reflect: “Please leave my order at my doorstep and text me.” Our drivers will send a text that your order has been made and you can retrieve your meal bundle after our driver has walked away.

We want to thank you personally for working with us to support the local and organic growers, distributors and Chefs during this time. You have valued us consistently over the years with your business, and it is our privilege to step in and serve you now when there is so much at stake.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this worldwide crisis.

Thank you,

The Foodery Team