Our Food Manifesto

craft food with care – We start with a passion for creating great food

nourish with each bite – Our food is nutritious, and crafted using healthy cooking methods

source ingredients with intention – We gather ingredients in a thoughtful, sustainable, and transparent manner

share the wonder of our farmers – Our responsible farmers are the real heroes. We celebrate them.

shape a food system for the future – We will always innovate and be good stewards to the future of food

Ingredient Standards

shutterstock_271622087The Foodery crafts it’s meals with as much local and organic produce – seasonality permitting.
Leafy Greens

Many delicate leafy greens are susceptible to pesticide absorption, we choose organic ingredients for following vegetables like spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro and many spices.


shutterstock_197831657With beef, pork, chicken, fish and other meats we choose only antibiotic and hormone free selections. Many of our proteins are grass-fed, pasture-raised and wild-caught selections. Animals that roam in pastures and consume an herbivore’s diet live natural lives and produce the best food products. These animals bypass the harmful conditions of factory farming such as:


• Regular (non-medical) use of antibiotics

• Bovine Growth Hormone supplementation and synthetic steroids

• Infections and pathogenic exposure from factory farms

• Harmful additives from unnatural diets

• Unnatural stress levels due to unsuitable living conditions

Pantry Goods
shutterstock_390731464We make as many local selections for dry ingredients as possible. We seek out products that are produced locally and not compromised by food additives or processing.
Banned Ingredients

Although we avoid most harmful food additives and toxins by serving whole and organic foods, it’s important we list the substances you will never find in our products.  

We reserve the right to modify this list of substances as we see fit.


• Genetically modified Organisms (GMOs)

• Artificial colors, artificial flavors

• Aspartame

• Arsenic

• Brominated vegetable oil

• Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH, rBST)

• Monosodium glutamate

• Sucralose

• Saccharin

• Bleached/processed sugar

• High fructose corn syrup

• Bleached flour

• Hydrogenated oils (trans fats)

Other Standards

Grains: Many of our meals are crafted with whole grains with less glycemic response than refined and processed grains.

Sugar: Sugar gets used sparingly in our products.  Our food is selectively sweetened using only natural sweeteners like Stevia and natural sugars.

Sodium:  Because we source fresh ingredients, our products are absent of  the sodium inherent in many processed foods.  We salt our foods selectively.  You may feel the need to add salt before serving.

Service Details

• Do I have to “sign up”? No. There is currently no obligation or subscription to the service. You must create an account and fulfill the $49.00 order minimum to place an order.

• When is the order deadline? Every Thursday at 10am.

• Can I cancel my order once I’ve placed it? Your order can be cancelled up until Thursday at 10am. At this time the order cannot be cancelled as we immediately purchase the ingredients needed to fulfill your order.

• When will I get my delivery? Sunday between 4:30pm-8pm. You will receive a text message and email on Sunday notifying you of the 1-hour window of your delivery.

• Do I have to be home for delivery? Yes. Meals are fresh and arrive chilled. If you won’t be home you must leave cooler with ice pack. The Foodery is not responsible for stolen, spoiled or damaged meal bundles.

• How do I pay for the service? Enter and save your credit card information into your account settings. You pay in our online checkout process.

• Can I buy the service as a gift? We offer gift cards if you’d like gift the service to friend. They will receive an e-gift card letting them know how to redeem their gift.

• How do I contact customer service:  Email info@fooderyboston.com anytime or call 617-207-4080.

• I forgot my password.  Click on “forgot my password” and you will go through a process to create a new password.

• How many people does each product feed? If the product is labeled “2 Serving” it contains 2 adult sized servings. If the product is labeled “4 Serving” it contains 4 adult size servings.

• Do i have to cook the meals? No. The meals are fully prepared and arrive chilled. You just have to heat them up (if required) and enjoy them.

• How do I heat the meals up? Most products need to be heated up. Microwave and oven directions are on the product label for directions on heating up the product.

• Where is the food made? At our commercial kitchen facility located at 342 Pearl Street, Malden MA 02148

• How long do the meals last after I receive them? Each product has a label showing a “good through” date. Most meals are good for 4 days after you receive your delivery.

• Do the meals contain allergens? Some meals contain allergens. Allergens like nuts are often times segregated inside the product container in a sauce cup with a lid. Allergens are disclosed in the meal descriptions. All products are prepared in a facility where nuts are present and residual cross contamination could be possible.

• Is the food calorie controlled? All meals are between approximately 500-700 calories. At this time the nutritional information is not available for our products. Ingredient and allergen information is disclosed. Nutritional information will be provided for all products in the future.

• What is actually going to show up for my delivery? You receive a large brown bag with handles. That can hold the size of 2-3 shoe boxes. In that bag is fully-prepared, chilled meals. They need to make it to your refrigerator immediately. If you won’t’ be home, leave a cooler and ice pack at your door.

• How often do you deliver? We currently delivery on Sunday evenings between 4:30pm-8pm. You will receive an email and text message notifying you of your 1-hour delivery window.

• Do you deliver to my zip code? Visit our menu page and type in your zip code to check.

• When will I receive my delivery? Sunday between 4:30pm-8pm. You will receive notification on Sunday of your 1-hour window for your delivery (for example 6:30pm – 7:30pm)

• What happens to my order if I am not home to receive delivery? We will call you to notify you we are at your door. If you are not there, we will leave your meals at your doorstep. It is important to always leave a cooler with ice pack at your door if you will not be home for delivery.Do I have to be home for delivery? Yes. Meals are fresh and arrive chilled. If you won’t be home you must leave cooler with ice pack. The Foodery is not responsible for stolen, spoiled or damaged meal bundles.