Why The Foodery Banned GMO’s From All Products

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By John Bauer – Cofounder of The Foodery

no gmo signWhen you eat The Foodery it’s not possible to ingest GMO’s. Why did the Foodery ban them?  It all started because of personal preference, I guess.  When my best friend and business partner Mike and I decided we were going to start a food company in 2013, we were a bit selfish.  We said to each other “let’s only make food that we like”.  (Just a word of advice, that’s a really poor philosophy to have when starting a food company).  It had to be food that only we would want to eat ourselves.  I’m not too much of a picky eater when it comes to cuisines, flavors or textures – neither is Mike. But I am kind of a health nut. A quick little backstory on me: I started bodybuilding after college in 2003. This passion made me very particular about macronutrients, ingredient quality and nutritional balance.  You see, as a bodybuilding competition approaches, the type of food a bodybuilder must eat must become more and more nutritionally dense as the calories become more restrictive – it’s the only way to decrease body fat while still having maximum energy to workout.  Having these eating habits ingrained within me, starting a food company left me with a strong propensity for strict ingredients.

You see, genetically modified ingredients are not genetically modified for the good of the consumer. Genetic modification happens in our food system because food producers want to be more profitable. Two of the biggest genetically modified crops in America are corn and soy. And if you’ve noticed, these two foods and their many derivatives are ubiquitous throughout our grocery store shelves. Basically, food like corn and soy that’s gone through genetic modification has been altered at the DNA level to resist a chemical called glyphosate – the average consumer knows this chemical as the marketable brand “RoundUp”. When corn and soy and other genetically modified seeds are altered to be “RoundUp-Ready”, a farmer is able to spray RoundUp all over their crops multiple times killing all weeds without killing the crop itself. A nice win for the farmer but a lose lose for the consumer  and the environment.  I’m not a scientist – I don’t know if genetically modified ingredients (solely because of their genetic modification) are harmful to humans. The long-term studies have not been done but as of now the effects on animals do not look promising. What I am not OK with is the heavy pesticide contamination that comes with genetically modified food. The Foodery is all about clean eating.   And RoundUp–doused foods are not part of my clean eating and they won’t be a part of the clean eating of our customers.