The Foodery Fan Club – Lisa from Boston!

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By now you’re probably well versed on The Foodery’s mission to craft nourishing foods that allow people to live healthier lives while supporting and revitalizing New England’s food systems. So enough about us; we wanted to hear more from you! Please meet our Foodery Fan, Lisa, an attorney who decided to take some time away from her career and focus on being a mom. She lives with her husband and three young daughters in Boston and enjoys running, traveling, and spending time with her family. Her favorite food is ice cream! Here’s what Lisa has to share with us:

1) What top three food values are most important when making decisions about what you and your family eats?  

I care a lot about the quality of ingredients and have always valued feeding my family foods that are natural, unprocessed, non-gmo, organic, and/or local (when possible). For that reason, ingredient transparency is also important to me – I definitely want to know exactly what we are eating. One of my daughters has a number of food allergies, so keeping her safe drives many of our food-related decision as well.

2) What are some fun ways you teach your kids about food values?

We often grocery shop with our daughters, who love to help choose the foods that we buy – getting them involved in the shopping and planning seems to get them more excited to eat whatever those foods might be.  We have taken them to a variety of local farms to pick their own fruit, which is a great family outing, followed by the fun of deciding how to use what we picked.  Some of the local farms also have programming for children, such as a weekly class during which they learn about all aspects of farming and about the foods being grown.  My daughters had a great time, learned a lot, and started to to notice that they were seeing at the store (and eating) some of the things they had learned about at the farm.

3) How do you formulate a plan for your meals each week ?

We typically do one big grocery shopping trip on the weekend to buy food for our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and maybe one or two dinners.  We always do one order from the The Foodery that includes enough food for 3-4 dinners for our family, and then may do takeout or go out for 1 or 2 dinners per week. I wish I could say that we are regularly trying new recipes that I was reading about in Bon Appetit, but that just isn’t our thing (which is why The Foodery has been a lifesaver)!

4) What’s the biggest challenge you face around food in your household?

Our biggest challenge has always been finding the time and motivation to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals.  Neither my husband nor I love to cook, so chores related to meals seemed to be the first to go when we got busy. We would resort to takeout, but when our first daughter was old enough to eat real food (as opposed to pureed baby food), we knew we had to figure out a way to make healthy dinners a constant rather than something we did only when we had time.

5) What are a couple trusted food brands or products that you’d recommend any and why?

Since we have a young child with a number of food allergies, we love the Made Good brand for tasty and allergen-free snacks that have fruits and veggies in them. We actually buy a lot of Applegate Farms and Amy’s products for the same reason – they make kid-friendly foods that are also free of many of the allergens found in other brands. Finally, because I can’t not have ice cream on my list, Bart’s Ice Cream is AMAZING!!

A day on the family farm!

6) What brought you to The Foodery?  

When we discovered that our youngest child had food allergies, we were having to cook separate dinners for her every night to keep her safe while at the same time not forcing our other two daughters to eat as if they, too, were allergic to everything. Being people who were already not into food planning, shopping, and preparation, the need to suddenly prepare tow meals each evening was somewhat overwhelming. In addition, although I was not working as an attorney, I ended up taking on some significant volunteer roles that have had me working close to full time hours many weeks, making our family’s schedule feel more like that of a family with two working parents. We knew we had to find help somewhere, so we tried a handful of other meal services (a few that provided ingredients and recipes but had us cook and a few that just delivered a curated box of food that we then had to figure out how to use). None of those options were easy enough for us, so we were beyond thrilled to read about The Foodery in a local parenting list-serve. We tried it immediately and have been devotees ever since!

7) What do you appreciate most about The Foodery experience?

The quality of ingredients is outstanding and better than any other service we have tried (and we’ve tried most of them!), which is the most important thing to us. The food consistently tastes great, and it is also the most convenient service we have used in that we just have to heat it up – no chopping or mixing or cooking. Perfect for us! The Foodery has also really figured out how to make the logistics of delivery as user-friendly as possible. We truly love The Foodery and don’t know what we would do without it!!

8)  If you were stranded on a desert island with a lifetime supply of three food items, what would those be?

Spinach, a nut butter of some sort, and ice cream!!

9) What is your favorite meal from The Foodery?

It’s a hard choice, but either the chopped chicken power bowl that has kale and goat cheese or the sausage, kale, and pasta bake – YUM!