Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Boston

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Eating healthy on the regular typically requires a certain amount of getting in the kitchen and getting out the pots and pans.  It’s also fair to say cooking enjoyment is a spectrum – some people enjoy the process of selecting all their foods and preparing their meals themselves.  Others only enjoy cooking for occasions or when preparing a meal is the main event for staying in on a Saturday night.  Some are so busy they don’t cook and never will.  Across this spectrum of cooking enjoyment, one common denominator resonates: no one likes preparing every meal needed throughout a busy work week.  When your appetite rages at inconvenient times, where do you turn?  Some people stock up at the grocery store and batch cook once or twice a week.   If there’s no time for that, perhaps you hit a restaurant, a bodega or call up for take-out when hunger pangs arise.   After throwing $15-20 at the problem, you always feel guilty for skipping the very thing you don’t enjoy or have time for: cooking.   Because eating is just a band-aid to fix the perpetual problem of hunger, what convenient solutions are there for busy, hungry people in Boston?  Luckily a few local meal delivery solutions exist that make healthy, fresh meals appear on your dinner table or work desk with almost no effort.  Best of all, each uses local, organic and sustainably-raised ingredients so you know you’re getting taste and nutrition.  Let’s take a look at some solutions and get you busy Bostonians fed with some healthy meal delivery solutions:

Cuisine En Locale – (Family Style Meal Delivery Service)

A solution for singles or families, Cuisine En Locale is a great healthy meal delivery service.  Since 2006, these “locavore chefs” pride themselves on making a variety of dishes using local farms for their ingredients.  They carefully procure their ingredients from Massachusetts suppliers like Stillman’s Farm, Parker Farm and others.  After this team of chefs gathers and cooks everything, you receive at your door, fresh farm-to-table meal delivery full of main course foods, sides and sauces.  You then portion these ready-to-eat meals yourself, heat them up and the cooking is done.  A “Once A Week” delivery costs $145 for enough fresh food for about 8 meals.  Order more for additional savings while delivery is to Cambridge, Somerville and other parts of Boston.  Cuisine En Locale also hosts their special “Once” eating events where you purchase tickets to a collaborative dinner table with great company and delicious, local food prepared and served by Cuisine En Locale.  Visit for details.

Kombu Kitchen – (Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Delivery)

Eating convenient healthy meals while avoiding animal products can be a challenge.  Kombu Kitchen caters to Bostonians seeking a high fruit, vegetable and grain diet while needing the convenience of delivery.  Fresh meals arrive in cooler bags while frequent ordering offers discount pricing.  Kristen Thibeault, Chef and Co-founder, has a passion for nourishing others the same way she uses food as an investment for her personal health.  With a mantra like “Eat As If Your Life Depends On It” you can bet you’re in for high quality ingredients and wonderful taste.  A week’s worth of fresh meals for one person averages about $300 per week. Meal delivery happens on Sunday afternoons.  Visit for more information.

The Foodery –  (Healthy Meal Delivery Service)

This service is geared towards the busy professional looking to eat high quality meals with the most convenience.  Meals from The Foodery are a unique combination of taste, quality, nutritional balance and calorie control.  These fresh meals arrive individually-portioned and require no preparation other than heating. The Foodery uses the highest quality ingredients by gathering foods that meet their published set of quality standards including organic produce, grass-fed meats, low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats.  The Foodery solves the eating dilemma for those who refuse to let a busy lifestyle compromise consistent healthy eating habits.  Visit for all the details. Gift certificates are also offered when your loved ones need the perfect gift during an illness, a newborn or a hardship.

Home Plate Advantage (Specialized Meals)

If you haven’t found a service that meets your particular dietary needs, chances are a personal chef can make almost anything happen.  Chef Laura McDougall, Owner and Chef at Home Plate Advantage has over 5 years experience working with food allergies, Celiac’s disease, sensitive taste buds and almost any other dietary restriction.  Offering at-home meal preparation and healthy meal delivery, Home Plate Advantage serves Boston with personalized meal delivery. Home Plate Advantage has the expertise to make nearly any dietary need become a convenient and delicious dining experience.  Check out for service details.

Season To Taste (Catering):

For the special event where local and organic quality, great taste and an unforgettable experience must all come together, this catering company is the answer.  Located in Cambridge, Robert Harris and his catering team have a passion for sourcing from local and organic farms.  When Season To Taste serves their wares for your event, your party gets a dining experience flush with the freshest seasonal foods and an experience that will be memorable. Visit for catering details.

Our health is priceless.  And a huge part of living a healthy and prosperous life depends on how we nourish ourselves.  Consistently eating well requires meal planning, shopping and cooking that can quickly become more daunting than enjoyable.  With a handful of healthy meal delivery services in Boston, properly nourishing your body is possible without the time and energy.  When you’re too busy to do it yourself, let these expert meal services help you eat your best.

C 2013 The Foodery.  The Foodery is a healthy meal delivery service serving busy professionals who do not have time to meal plan, shop and cook.  Meals are crafted according to a set quality standards, individually-portioned and nutritionally-balanced.