Our Local Suppliers

Nourishment Starts With Ingredient Sourcing.

Local and organic growers make The Foodery nourishing and delicious.  When we buy local, New England’s food systems strengthen.

Here are some of the suppliers we love to work with:

a_pingPineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME


Pineland Farms is a 5,000-acre working farm, diverse business campus and educational and recreational venue that welcomes visitors to enjoy its beautiful rural landscape. They provide a productive and educational venue that enriches the community by demonstrating responsible farming techniques, offering educational opportunities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through recreation.

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b_pingBaldor Specialty Foods, Chelsea, MA


Navigating the local season is a challenge and it requires extra work to transition purchasing habits. Baldor helps The Foodery by allowing our team to guide purchasing toward local alternatives.

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c_pingSenat Poultry, Paterson, NJ


Senat Poultry is a completely family-operated business ran on family values and Integrity. Our chickens come from Lancaster County, PA, where they are hatched and grown. Once they have been raised the right way, we transport them to our plant in Paterson, NJ. This not only allows us to help serve the Tri-State area markets, but to also serve them with an impeccable quality chicken because it is produced the same day. Our sole purpose is to bring the best chicken we can to our customers. Learn More

d_pingMaine Family Farms, Portland, ME


Maine Family Farms buys from farms throughout Maine that provide our grass-fed Maine grown beef. Maine Family Farms packages both fresh and frozen ground beef and we have whole beef primals as well as cut steaks and a full line of pork products that have no nitrates added. Pork chops, pork loins, bacon and whole pigs are favorites of our customers. Buy Local, Buy Maine!

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e_pingHigh Lawn Farm, Lee, MA


Our vision for the future includes a dedication to preserving the past through continuing to breed the finest Jersey cow, maintaining the highest quality of agriculture and protecting and conserving our historic farm buildings and beautiful Berkshire farmland.

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f_pingHawthorne Valley Farms- Ghent, NY


Since 1972, we have been producing high-quality, Biodynamic and organic foods while providing farm-based learning experiences for children and adults. Our 700-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic farm includes dairy cows, vegetables, creamery, organic bakery, sauerkraut cellar, and more. Our Farm Store is a full-line natural foods store open 7 days a week.

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The way we see it…

It’s pretty simple: Nearby farmers raise ingredients with ethical practices. We craft that food into deliciousness and serve our nearby customers. The Result? Pure ingredients, fewer food miles, healthy lives and stronger local businesses.