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Chicken Pot Pie

Reheating options: Oven or Microwave.


Nourishment: Gluten-friendly, World’s Healthiest Food’s (Carrots, Peas, Mushrooms)

Our mission with this dish was to craft a pot pie with the flavors of the classic dish but far more balanced – mission accomplished!  It starts with antibiotic and hormone-free chicken breast that’s roasted and diced.  Chicken, carrots, mushroom and peas are mixed with a traditional cream sauce that’s on the lighter side.  We top the dish with a handmade pot pie crumble topping that makes the dish easier to reheat (it’s gluten-free but you wouldn’t know it). Dinner. Is. Done.






4 Servings
Allergens: Dairy
Complete nutritional information is not available yet. All Foodery meals are designed to fit 575-725 calories/serving.   Ingredients: chicken breast, onion, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, celery, peas, garlic, butter, potato flour, milk, chicken broth, white wine (alcohol cooked off), pastry crumbles (gluten free flour, extra virgin olive oil, butter), organic red pepper flakes, organic black pepper, organic peppercorns, hand-mined pink salt, organic bay leaves