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Asian Chicken “Power Bowl”

*we’ve removed tomatoes & almonds from the dish and added a peanut side cup

Reheating Options: Microwave or Stovetop

Not Freezable

Nourishment: Gluten-Free, High in Protein, High in Fiber, World’s Healthiest Foods (Cabbage, Baby Bok Choy) 

A new addition to the “Power Bowl” lineup!  We start with hormone & antibiotic-free chicken breasts which are dry rubbed in Chinese 5-Spice and oven roasted. Served over a bed of fresh chopped baby bok choy, red cabbage, carrots, edamame and brown rice. Sided with a slightly sweet sesame vinaigrette and a cup of peanuts.  This versatile meal can be lunch, dinner or post-workout.


2 Servings
Allergens: Nuts (side cup), Soy
Complete nutritional information is not available yet. All Foodery meals are designed to fit within 575 – 725 calories/ serving. Ingredients: Hormone & antibiotic free-range chicken breast, organic cloves, organic Chinese five spice, organic black pepper, organic cinnamon, organic fennel, sea salt, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, red cabbage, baby bok choy, carrots, edamame, peanuts, brown rice, organic vegetable stock, rice vinegar, organic brown sugar, GMO-free tamari soy sauce (gluten free), organic ginger, organic garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds