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Chicken Teriyaki Plate-007-05.09.2017

Teriyaki Glazed Chicken & Pineapple Rice

Reheating Options: Microwave or Stovetop

Not freezable.

Nourishment: Gluten-free, High in Fiber, High in Protein, World’s Healthiest Foods (Cabbage, Ginger, Brown Rice)

Teriyaki chicken done family-style!  We start with antibiotic and hormone-free chicken breasts marinated in our from-scratch teriyaki sauce that is made with a “clean” black bean paste. The chicken is roasted and served alongside sesame oil seared green cabbage and ginger, pineapple stir-fried brown rice loaded with GMO-free Edamame, carrots and scallions and a generous side of teriyaki sauce.  Dinner. Is. Done.





2 Servings
Allergens: Soy
Complete nutritional information is not available yet. All Foodery meals are designed to fit within 575 – 725 calories/ serving. IngredientsAntibiotic and hormone free chicken breast, sunflower oil, Tamari low sodium soy sauce, organic brown sugar, honey, organic ginger powder, black beans, ginger, orange zest, organic red pepper flakes, organic garlic, orange juice, sesame seeds, brown rice, sesame oil, organic vegetable stock, Spanish onion, carrot, gmo-free edamame, pineapple, green cabbage, scallions.