What’s Wrong With School Lunches?

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by John Bauer, Cofounder – The Foodery

We all have a child in our lives.  Our own kids, nieces, nephews, friends’ kids or the little ones down the street.  And we have an idea of what they get offered through the school lunch system.  We remember what it was like for us growing up – a line of lunch ladies plopping a few spoonfuls of what is supposed to be nutrition on a tray, passing it down and throwing a carton of milk in the top square for calcium and vitamin D.  Our gut tells us something is wrong with what’s happening here.  Where is the system compromised?  What’s really wrong with our kids’ school lunches?   We know that offering better food will drive up education costs.  But isn’t the health of a child the foundation of his/her future? Some schools find ways to force quality food up the priority list.  Ann Cooper was the Director of Nutritional Services for Berkeley Unified School District who oversaw a significant operation that serves 9,600 kids per day and creates a much different eating experience than most American Schools.

CLICK HERE to watch the TED Talk on how Ms. Cooper is revolutionizing the idea of child nourishment in our schools.

Spend a few minutes and see how school lunches are an investment in the kids who create America’s future. – F

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